Helping You Plan For Medicaid Coverage

Medicaid offers important benefits for nursing home care, should it ever become necessary. To benefit from that coverage, however, you must first qualify. Sometimes, it takes significant planning for you to qualify for those benefits.

At The Johnson Firm, P.C. in Richardson, Texas, we can help you understand how to qualify for Medicaid nursing home coverage. If you do not qualify now, we will help you determine if there is a long-term solution that would ensure that you do qualify before you need coverage.

If you know you do not qualify for Medicaid, it is important to get help quickly. The sooner you contact us, the sooner our attorneys can put a plan in place to help you qualify in the future.

Who Qualifies For Medicaid?

The first part of qualifying for Medicaid is meeting the financial standard. Anyone receiving Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) is eligible for Medicaid nursing home coverage. Additionally, income that falls below a certain amount qualifies a person for Medicaid.

Once the income standard has been met, you must meet the medical standards, which involve:

  • Meeting criteria established by the Home Care Assessment for Nursing Home Risk
  • Receiving assistance from a licensed care professional (RN or LVN)
  • Living in a medical care facility for at least 30 consecutive days

If you do qualify for Medicaid, we can help you determine the best time to apply. Sometimes it makes sense to wait until you are closer to needing coverage by discussing long-term solutions. We will walk you through the process. If you want more specific information about Medicaid in Texas, check out our books, which are free for download.

How We Can Help

At our firm, we can help you determine if you qualify for Medicaid. If you do, we will guide you through the application process, ensuring that everything is completed properly.

If you do not qualify, we will carefully assess your income and other factors to determine whether taking certain steps may help you qualify in the future. Medicaid planning can be a complex process, but our elder law attorneys have the experience to help you reach a solution.

As a father-daughter team, our attorneys understand the importance of caring for your family. It is our goal to help you put in place the protections you need to ensure your or your loved one's future safety and security.

Learn More About Medicaid Planning

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