Crisis Planning: Helping You Qualify For Long-Term Care Benefits Quickly

Sometimes the need for long-term care comes up quickly and you do not have the time to preplan. If you are in a situation where long-term care is imminent for you or a loved one and you need Medicaid benefits to pay for it, it is important to get legal help as soon as possible.

At The Johnson Firm, P.C. in Richardson, Texas, our experienced crisis planning attorneys will act quickly to assess your situation and help you determine your most viable options for getting the financial support you need.

Analyzing Your Financial Situation

When you need Medicaid benefits now, the first thing we will do is analyze your financial situation to determine whether you qualify. Eligibility for Medicaid is based on so-called countable assets. Certain assets are not considered countable for Medicaid qualification and are therefore not included when determining the value of your assets.

Once we understand your financial picture through the lens of Medicaid eligibility, we will determine if you should apply.

Helping You Apply For Medicaid

If it is likely that you can qualify for Medicaid benefits, we will take immediate action to help you begin the application process. Handling the process correctly is extremely important. One mistake can lead to a denial of benefits.

With years of combined experience, our elder law attorneys know how to properly fill out a Medicaid application. We will be by your side to help ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Determining Next Steps If You Do Not Qualify

If it is clear that your countable assets exceed the threshold for qualifying for Medicaid, you are not out of options. It may be possible to rearrange your assets in a way that allows you to qualify. Our attorneys will put their experience to work for you. We will look for a solution that allows you to qualify for Medicaid. If you want more information on crisis planning, we encourage you to download our free book.

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