The Family Care Program™

Basic estate planning is important for the average person and can have immense payoffs down the road. If you or your family has significant or complex assets, however, it may be necessary to devote extra attention to your estate planning to ensure that your property is correctly titled into your trust.

For this reason, we at The Johnson Firm, P.C. offer the Family Care Program™ to our estate planning clients. We know that some families have estate planning needs that require a level of scrutiny and attention to detail that others do not. With years of combined experience, our father-daughter attorneys have the skill, experience and knowledge to ensure that your estate is well-maintained and will work when it is needed.

Long-Term Estate Plan Maintenance

When your family comes to us for help, we would like to be the firm for the lifetime of your estate plan. We will take the reins on your estate plan, making sure everything is in place and working to support your long-term goals.

The Family Care Program gives you the opportunity for regular checkups. When you feel an update or change would be beneficial, we will always be available to assist you and answer your questions. We will maintain meticulous files of your assets and other documents, so we can continue serving the next generation in your family. This program allows you free telephone consultations and office appointments.

Serving Your Entire Family

We are a family law firm. We understand the central role that your family members play in the estate planning process. We will be a resource for all of you.

Keeping your entire family's estate planning under one roof ensures that there are no conflicting methods to protect and preserve your assets. We will have all of your information in one place and can work with all of you to build a strategy that supports the best interests of the entire family.

Learn More About Our Family Care Program

Some families have been with our firm for generations because we know how to effectively support their goals. To speak with one of our attorneys about whether the Family Care Program is right for you, please call us at 972-587-7545 or complete an online contact form.