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ImageAs our clients begin to seek information regarding elder law, we generally point them toward Attorney Marcie Johnson's books, which are free to the public. The first book offered is called Don't Let Your Health Destroy Your Family's Wealth: A Senior's Guide to Texas Long-Term Care Planning. It describes key ways to pay for long-term care, facts about qualifying for Medicaid, and powerful planning strategies available to protect your assets from healthcare costs. This book was written for people interested in asset protection for when they are in need of Medicaid services.

ImageThe second book, Help! Mom Needs to Go Into a Nursing Home...What Do I Do? - A Family Guide to Texas Long-Term Care Planning, covers planning for families who are currently placing a loved one in a nursing home. With a focus on crisis planning, this book covers more aggressive strategies for long-term care. Complete the confidential form below to access a download link for your free book, which is in PDF format.

Helping Veterans PayThe third book, Helping Veterans Pay for Long-Term Care: The VA Pension explains the financial challenges of growing older and the options available to aging wartime veterans. Every day more and more American seniors are becoming impoverished due to disability and paying for long-term care. If you are a wartime veteran or the widow(er) of a wartime veteran, there is TAX-FREE income available to help you pay for home health care, assisted living care, and nursing home care. Millions of dollars go unclaimed by qualified wartime veterans and their widows or widowers. Don't let that be you! You served your country; now let it serve you!

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